Quarter Horses

The Blacks Ranch was founded in 1986 on the principle of breeding quality Quarter Horses in a traditional way. Our goal is to breed all around Quarter Horses. We don't raise "barn babies." Our young horses grow up and thrive in large groups on our 20 acres of pasture land.

It all started with the purchase of 2 Quarter Horses 35 years ago. I liked these horses so much I decided to start a breeding program here in Europe. As luck would have it, I met Hans

Hansma ( a Dutch immigrant living in Canada and breeding Quarter Horses ) at the Equitana. I asked for his advice on how to start a quality breeding program and after that faithful conversation in 1986, I imported 7 mares in foal and one stallion from Canada to The Netherlands..

Breeding Quarter Horses

We strive to breed a nice all-around horse. One that is suitable for the western sport as well as the recreation rider.

We always have horses for sale from our program.